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The People Who Were Worried About Privacy During The Bush Administration.... Where Are They Now??

Republicans, democrats and the mainstream media are all attacking Edward Snowden. The word "traitor" is even being thrown around. 
Am I the only person on earth that can remember the outcry toward the Bush administration over the USA Patriot Act?? We don't hear much about it any more but it's still being used. Obama owns it now.... Congress had to renew it before it sunsetted and Obama signed it. But you missed it when the media cried about it being renewed right? No you didn't, the media was uninterested. 
Imagine if Bush were still president when this news broke about the NSA collecting all of our phone call data. Conservatives would still be calling Snowden a traitor but the democrats and their mouthpieces in the media would be hailing him as a hero for exposing privacy intrusions. They would be beating a republican president to political death with it. 
It's deeply disturbing how far in the tank our supposed watchdogs in the media are for the New Democrat Party, AKA Communists.

Where Are All The War Protesters Now??

Where are all the war protesters that screamed bloody murder at our involvement in Iraq? 
Not a peep when we got involved in Libya........ complete silence now that we're wading into Syria........ absolutely SHAMELESS on their part.
Cindy Sheehan is still out there but she's still griping about the Bush administration. Not a peep on her blog about the news that Obama that is involving the US in another conflict.
A.N.S.W.E.R. is still chasing George W. Bush around and protesting against him. They have nothing to say about their guy Obama sending US forces to help out the Muslim extremists that are trying to overthrow the Syrian regime.
Same story with the freaks at Code Pink although they do mention the Syrian conflict in passing, they too are still ranting about the Bush administration "war crimes". 
All these groups were active and very vocal when a republican was president. The infiltrated media was always there with cameras rolling. Now,.......... crickets chirping and CNN is nowhere to be found on the issue of US involvement in Syria's civil war. 
The daily body count for Iraq and Afghanistan stopped on January 20, 2009.
Their silent hypocrisy shouts the message loud and clear...... 'War is only something worth protesting when a republican is president.'
They truly have no shame.