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When the Military Finally Leans Left

As we celebrate Armed Forces Day and thank the men and women that serve our country, how about if we also recognize that the United States military is the last of the Mohican’s as far as institutions that have not yet been completely compromised by the communist left that has infiltrated every other segment of our society.

The US military has remained strongly conservative throughout the years.  Based on the very nature of military service, the men and women who are drawn to it are largely conservative.  But they’re not all conservative.  There are plenty of rats in the woodpile.

US Citizens As The Enemy? Fire When Ready!


What we’re seeing now, with the hot-button topic of the leaked memo regarding killing American citizens, is a flabbergasting example of high-hypocrisy from both sides of the political aisle.

One of the things I pride myself on is equal opportunity bashing.  I call it as I see it even if it means defending President Obama.  So buckle your seat belt and hang on, I’m about to venture into new territory and do just that.