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Proper Respect For Old Glory

I don't think people know it, but a lot of times they are not showing proper respect for Old Glory. Non-military folks were probably never taught this stuff.  God knows they'll never learn it in public schools (oops, did I just use the words "God" and "public schools" in the same sentence?  I'll no doubt be audited by the IRS now). Any way, I thought I'd go ahead and post a few things regarding proper respect for the flag ahead of this Memorial day weekend.

A parade should have the official flag in a color guard leading the parade. That’s the flag you should be standing up for when it’s about 6 paces away, saluting as it passes. See below for more details.

When the Military Finally Leans Left

As we celebrate Armed Forces Day and thank the men and women that serve our country, how about if we also recognize that the United States military is the last of the Mohican’s as far as institutions that have not yet been completely compromised by the communist left that has infiltrated every other segment of our society.

The US military has remained strongly conservative throughout the years.  Based on the very nature of military service, the men and women who are drawn to it are largely conservative.  But they’re not all conservative.  There are plenty of rats in the woodpile.