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How Did Early Americans See the Right To Bear Arms?

Of the 13 original states that voted on ratification of the Bill of Rights, here are the ones that have references to the right to bear arms in their constitution of that time. Note that the only ones that are post ratification are CT and NH (by one year). It seems unlikely that these states would have voted to ratify a document that included the 2nd Amendment if they thought that it restricted the right to bear arms to some sort of “national guard.”
MD, Article XXV (1776)
PA, Article VIII (1776)
NC, Article XVII (1776)
VA, Section 13 (1776)
CT, Article I, Section 17 (1818)
NY, Article XL (1777)
MA, Article XVII (1780)
NH, Article XII and XIII (1792) NOTE: As I read Art XIII I believe it implies that the duties under Art XII involve the bearing of arms.
Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792) joined the union shortly after ratification in 1797
VT, Article XVIII, (1786)
KY, Article VI, Section 2 (1792)

My Opinion?

Someone on social media asked my opinion on what needs to be done to stop school shootings.

My opinion is that we don't need more laws, we need less democrats.

Which party has facilitated the destruction of societal norms and the traditional family with it's policies?

Which party devalues human life by advocating for a woman's "right" to have her unborn child pulled down the birth canal to the point just before it could be considered "born" so it can have it's spinal cord cut and it's brains sucked out?

Which party supports and glamorizes the "gangsta rap" culture?

Which party voted 3 times to have a single mention of God removed from their party platform?Which party hates the police?

Which party has removed discipline from schools?

Which party has advocated for the banishment of the death penalty, which, BTW, also devalues human life by removing or lessening the price for taking a life?

Which party has advocated for lighter sentences for criminals?

It has taken progressive democrats -read communists- decades to cause the societal problems that America is experiencing now.  We're not going to fix society by passing more laws.  Monsters like Nicholas Cruz won't be stopped by more laws.  Only the stupid believe that.  Count the laws that this guy broke.  Would another law..... 10 more laws...... have stopped him?

We need to change society back to the days when Sunday was reserved for church and family.......... when the traditional family was the norm, not the rarity.

We need to change society back to the days when a murdered was caught, tried, convicted, sentenced to hang, had his appeals process quickly completed and was falling through a trap door at the end of a stout rope within two years.

We need to change society back to the days when someone who dared to kneel for the National Anthem would have been considered a social outcast and treated like one.

We need to change society back to a day when people could let their kids "sleep out" on the porch without fear of the the 50 registered Megan's Law offenders in the neighborhood.

Guns AREN'T the problem............. SOCIETY and it's lack of morals, manners, norms and consideration for others is the problem and the way we got here has been the Progressive path.

You want a society where we don't have school shootings? We need to change it back to the way it was when we took guns to school just to go hunting.