About Wayne Bush

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I was born and raised right here in lil' ol' Roaring Spring.  My mother had to sign for me so I could join the Air Force at age 17.  I told the recruiter that I wanted to be a trooper and asked for a job that might help me.  I served 8.5 years as a Security Policeman, the MPs / infantry of the Air Force (now called Security Forces).
I met my wife Nancy on my first tour at Plattsburgh AFB in Northern NY (which no longer exists).  All these years later and she’s still putting up with me.  We have 2 great kids; Michael & Reagan.
In July of 1991 I was honorably discharged from the Air Force and on October 7th of that same year I began the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.
After 20+ years in the state police I bought 5 years of my military time and retired at the rank of sergeant with a 25 year pension.  
My priorities in life are: I’m a Christian first (although I will be the first to admit that I’ll not be nominated as Poster Boy for Christianity any time soon), American second, Conservative third and then a republican (although I always struggle with the urge to go back to being a registered independent).  
If, for whatever crazy reason, you feel like you want to know more you can go to the “columns” link and read my introductory column or check out the Society And Politics In Wayne's World Facebook page.