History of Society and Politics in Wayne's World

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The idea for Society And Politics In Wayne's World, or 'sapiww', started while having lunch with Morrisons Cove Herald owner Allan Bassler.  Allan was familiar with my writing style due to the number letters to the editor that I had written over the years.  He offered me my own column in the Herald.

I was pretty intimidated at first.  Most of my letters to the editor were written in response to articles or other letters that had appeared in the Herald which had 'pushed my buttons' and properly motivated me to write a response.  Now I was being asked to come up with topics and write about them on my own.  I just wasn't sure how that would go.

After kicking it around for a couple months I decided to give it a try.  Allan allowed me to name it whatever I wanted and now here I am with a website and all!  So far, I'm having a good time!

I hope to keep improving sapiww and possibly even increase my reach.  I'm always open to suggestions and if you know of a paper that might be interested in printing the column, please send them my way!