How Did Early Americans See the Right To Bear Arms?

Written by Wayne Bush. Posted in frontpage

Of the 13 original states that voted on ratification of the Bill of Rights, here are the ones that have references to the right to bear arms in their constitution of that time. Note that the only ones that are post ratification are CT and NH (by one year). It seems unlikely that these states would have voted to ratify a document that included the 2nd Amendment if they thought that it restricted the right to bear arms to some sort of “national guard.”
MD, Article XXV (1776)
PA, Article VIII (1776)
NC, Article XVII (1776)
VA, Section 13 (1776)
CT, Article I, Section 17 (1818)
NY, Article XL (1777)
MA, Article XVII (1780)
NH, Article XII and XIII (1792) NOTE: As I read Art XIII I believe it implies that the duties under Art XII involve the bearing of arms.
Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792) joined the union shortly after ratification in 1797
VT, Article XVIII, (1786)
KY, Article VI, Section 2 (1792)