Yeah, I Need To Do Better

Written by Wayne Bush. Posted in frontpage

I know, I know... I do a lousy job at keeping the Frontpage of the website fresh.  It's been over a year since I put any new thoughts here.  I suppose I should try harder.

As a political junkie, I find it harder and harder to keep banging my head against the high and seemingly impenetrable wall of the Marxist mainstream media.  I often find myself wondering if it's too late to turn things around... if we, as a country, are already past the point of no return: destined for Marxism and the inevitable totalitarianism that ALWAYS comes with it.

But then I see  footage of a Trump rally.  I see tens of thousands of other Americans -not to be confused with US citizens- who share my views and love for traditional America, and I realize that we may be able to turn this thing around yet.

They hate Trump because he's not afraid to say what a lot of us are thinking (read the 11/21/19 column).  Ironically, that is exactly why we elected him in 2016 and why I believe he'll enjoy an overwhelming victory in 2020.

We'll see!  Keep up the good fight Americans!