Blaming the FISA Court.... The Media Double Standard

Written by Wayne Bush. Posted in frontpage

Fox News has a habit of beating a dead horse when it comes to certain stories.  So when I turned them on while I was taking a break for lunch only to find them still saying the same thing, over and over, about the plane crash I found myself flipping over to MSNBC where a panel was talking about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower that leaked the info that the government is spying on all of us.

In their discussions of Snowden and the NSA spying that that he revealed, not once did they mention the Obama administration.  Instead, their focus was on the possible overreach of the FISA Court which approved every request over the last year. 

MSNBC pointed out that the head judge on the FISA court was appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts who, of course, was appointed by President George W. Bush.  It was almost as if MSNBC was………. pointing the finger at Bush.  Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

I find it fascinating that the media and the democrats are demonizing Snowden as a traitor.  What if a republican was president right now?  What if the hated GW Bush was still in the oval office when this news broke?

Remember how the democrats and the media screamed bloody murder when the news broke that theImage Like this were common in the leftist media when a republican was president. government was monitoring select domestic-to-overseas (or visa-versa) phone calls?  For crying out loud they made it sound like George Bush and Dick Chaney themselves were taking shifts in the basement of the West Wing listening to every phone call Americans made.

But now, when news breaks that the government is collecting enormous amounts of phone call and internet use data on virtually every American, the media and the democrats never mention the Obama administration and the surveillance program in the same news story let alone the same sentence.

If a republican were in the White House right now the democrats and their lap dogs in the media would be going along with the ACLU; hailing Edward Snowden as a hero.  Heck, they’d probably be proposing legislation to name a holiday after him by now.  He certainly wouldn’t have to be seeking asylum in some third world banana republic.  If a republican was president he’d already be making the rounds on mainstream media talk shows.

At this point the media has obviously gotten over any shame or concern over lack of dignity or credibility.  They are so one sided and partisan in their coverage of, or non-coverage of, stories that they are nothing more than spokespersons for, and protectors of, the Democrat Party. 

It should literally scare the hell out of all of us that the First Amendment guaranteed watch dog has become little more than a Democrat Party lap/attack dog.