Joan, from the Upper West Side. A perfect example of liberalism (read communism).

Written by Wayne Bush. Posted in frontpage


I thought this was some sort of hoax call, as did the host of the show, but apparently it's not.

Joan is a PERFECT example of "Do as I say, Not as I do" liberals who want to dictate every aspect of the lives of "those people" but they think themselves to special; to intellectual to be subjected to the rules they want "those people" to live by.


People with this mentality are running this country right now. 

When the day comes that people like Joan believe they can eliminate, exterminate, anyone that is not like minded without consequence......... is there anyone that believes they won't take the steps to do it?

Joan and her liberal friends view "those people", AKA the rest of us, as vermin. This is precisely why they scare the hell out of me and exactly why I will never give up my means of defending myself and my family against them.