Obama's Hypocrisy. Is There A Limit To It?

Written by Wayne Bush. Posted in frontpage

So, I'm at the dinner table tonight with my 11 year old daughter and I have the news on and, of course, the topic is the impending punitive, Obama face saving attack on Syria for using chemical weapons in defiance of Obama’s threats.

My 11 year old looked up at me and said "Hey Daddy, why do we care if Syria used chemical weapons?"  Out of the mouths of babes...Yeah, why do we care?  I think I'll encourage her to write to President Obama and ask him that very question.

There is no national security threat to America from Syria.  No Americans were harmed in the chemical attack.  We have no reason whatsoever to care and we certainly have no justification for strictly punitive and face saving military action.

There are those who are comparing this to Iraq... not even close.  Syria is not bound by, nor are they violating any, surrender conditions; the UN hasn't issued 17 worthless resolutions against Syria; the US Congress hasn't been briefed nor have they voted near unanimously to authorize force in Syria.

The other way that this isn’t even close to Iraq is that I haven’t heard a peep from the leftist media talking heads that had nothing but criticism and war crimes accusations against President Bush.  Believe it or not, CODE PINK, A.N.S.W.E.R and CINDY SHEEHAN all have calls for Obama NOT TO ATTACK Syria posted on their websites but when a democrat is president, peace protests only exist if the mainstream media, the democrat’s lap dog, is willing to report on it.   Absolutely shameful.

If this president uses military force against Syria it will be the height of hypocrisy for an administration that has already taken hypocrisy to new heights.