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The March Against Guns, 03/24/18

Willing dupes gathered today in various corners of the country to march against violence in our schools.  One FB post that I read, responding to pro-2A criticism, indicated support for the anti-gun rallies and stated that the “enemy isn’t well defined.”

Bull.  The enemy IS well defined: Liberalism is the enemy and our societal sickness is a direct result of decades of its influence.

If we want violence against kids, especially at school, to stop the first thing we have to do is fix society. We have to re-establish some norms. Norms like traditional two parent families; like kids actually being taught manners and consideration for others and discipline when they fail to comply with those norms. Morals? Remember them? Maybe if we could actually turn on the TV without seeing sex, profanity and violence depicted as OK…… and that’s just in the commercials.

And God.... oh geez, the very mention of God triggers some of these marchers into a state where they have to sit in a chair and rock back and forth. But do any of these marchers recognize the correlation between our society's increasing distance from God and decreasing value to human life?

If you haven't been in a high school recently you'd be in for a shock. I'm in my 50s and I started working in a school 4 years ago. I hadn't been in a school since 1982. Talk about culture shock. There's no discipline in our schools anymore. Teachers hands are tied behind their backs and up around their necks. I'm 6'4", wear a uniform and carry a gun in school and I have had 16 year old kids call me names that would have most assuredly resulted in a hand around my throat had I called any of my male teachers the same when I was 16. Oh, but teachers dare not touch a kid now unless they want to instantly end their career and have the kid’s parents descend on the school with Edgar Snyder et al.

Did we have kids committing mass shootings when teachers had paddles and the authority to use them? No, but woe to the person that would even suggest a return to a system where teachers could actually maintain discipline in the classroom. By the way, I haven’t met a teacher yet who wouldn’t welcome the return of paddles. I don’t know who advocated for the removal of paddles but I’ll bet it wasn’t teachers. Perhaps it was politicians making laws about things they are ignorant of……. just like now they are trying to make laws about things they are ignorant of: guns.

The people who are marching today are the very people who have eliminated all norms from society. They are the people who have advocated for an education system that allows teachers to be absolutely abused -and scared to death sometimes- as they try to do their jobs. They have created a society with no boundaries and now have the unmitigated gall to wonder why kids don't have any boundaries. They just can't understand how any of this insanity happens. They're shocked that when you allow kids to "get away with murder" that they then sometimes literally commit murder.

Then, as a solution to the problem they've created, they suggest that we do more of the same stupid things that got us here in the first place.

The decay of society has taken decades. Personally, I think it's a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle, not that we shouldn't try but trying would certainly meet hard core resistance from the same people who march today and blame inanimate objects for our troubles.

How Did Early Americans See the Right To Bear Arms?

Of the 13 original states that voted on ratification of the Bill of Rights, here are the ones that have references to the right to bear arms in their constitution of that time. Note that the only ones that are post ratification are CT and NH (by one year). It seems unlikely that these states would have voted to ratify a document that included the 2nd Amendment if they thought that it restricted the right to bear arms to some sort of “national guard.”
MD, Article XXV (1776)
PA, Article VIII (1776)
NC, Article XVII (1776)
VA, Section 13 (1776)
CT, Article I, Section 17 (1818)
NY, Article XL (1777)
MA, Article XVII (1780)
NH, Article XII and XIII (1792) NOTE: As I read Art XIII I believe it implies that the duties under Art XII involve the bearing of arms.
Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792) joined the union shortly after ratification in 1797
VT, Article XVIII, (1786)
KY, Article VI, Section 2 (1792)