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Forced Onto the Reservation?

I just came back from a trip out west.  We stopped at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana on June 20th. 

The weather the day I was there was clear with very little breeze.  According to Indian accounts, the weather 138 YEARS AGO TODAY was very similar.  As I stood looking over the rolling hills, watching the grass sway ever so slightly, I could almost imagine the chaos; the desperation; the panic that the 7th Cavalry troopers had to feel as thousands of warriors closed in on them. 

According to one account passed down through generations, a warrior watched as a 7th Cavalry trooper dismounted his horse at Little Bighorn and shot the horse in the head so he could use the dead horse as cover.  The warrior said it was an act by a man who already knew he would never see the sunset.Troopermarkerssmall

White markers are used to mark the locations where 7th Cavalry troops fell on June 25th, 1876.  They are scattered over miles of grassland with the bulk of them being on or near a hilltop known as Little Bighorn.

Acts of Kindness

After a week-long trip through some of the most beautiful, breath taking areas that America has to offer we boarded American Airlines flight 2970 in Rapid City South Dakota to start our trip home.  Of all the wonderful, stunning things we saw on our trip, perhaps the most beautiful was something I saw in the fuselage of this small jet on the final leg of our journey.

As we were ready to board, the flight attendant called for a young brother and sister to board first.  I watched as their mother (presumably) gave them hugs and kisses and then sent them down the boarding ramp with a stranger, into a plane full of strangers.  As a parent, I couldn't help but feel her angst.

A few minutes into the flight we hit some awful turbulence.  I was near the back of the plane and if I had not had a seat belt on I'm sure that I would have been thrown into the ceiling.  When we got through the rough air I looked up the isle and this is what I saw.......